Quality Management in vocational education and training providers

LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME Leonardo da Vinci - Learning partnership

Project will provide to the Partnership opportunity for sharing of perspectives and information, for development of new ideas, techniques and materials, for pooling of resources to achieve more ambitious goals, for the dissemination of examples of good practice in the area of quality management, for co-ordination of individual national initiatives, for testing innovative approaches, for development of a broader European education and training organizations culture, for the establishment of permanent contact networks at a European level.


The main objectives of the presented QM-VET project are:

  • to exchange the experiences, good practices and methods for quality management in VET providing organizations;
  • to develop of a common good quality web-site and handbook for quality management in English and respective partner countries’ languages;
  • to carry out several bi- and multilateral placements in order to train managers in practical elaboration and implementation of quality management systems in VET providers from different type and to improve their competencies, practical knowledge and skills in quality management.

Target group

Managers, teachers and other training staff in charge of quality assurance as well as managers from all interested parties, working in the VET – Social partners, NGO’s, Trade Unions, public and private enterprises etc.


01.08.2008 bis 30.06.2010




itf Innovationstransfer- und Forschungsinstitut Schwerin e.V. (Germany)
Veb Consult S.r.l. Florenz (Italy)
Kea Vocational Development Centre (Greece)


Dr. Monika Schellenberg